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Pay Per Lead Programs Fill The Sales Funnel Without Marketing Investment Risk

Vantive Media is the best in the world at educating information technology (IT) buyers and acquiring highly qualified technology sales leads for technology suppliers.

Our lead generation programs benefit from several advantages:

  • Our technology brands acquire search engine organic leads; not lesser qualified leads from pay per click (PPC) or adwords campaigns.

  • Vantive leads receive best in class original research or licensed third party research as part of their registration. Delivering valuable content enhances the buyer relationship and transcends the benefit to the IT supplier which we refer.

  • Our trained analysts qualify, engage and educate business and IT buyers and then seamlessly connect qualified buyers to our IT supplier community.

  • Our cost per lead is 40% to 75% less expensive than the average cost per lead derived from internal programs.

  • We offer flexible qualification and programs to customize demand generation based on each customers objectives.

  • Our network of over 100 technology web site properties is unmatched.

Vantive turns the all too common model of delivering higher volumes of lower quality prospect leads on its head. By instead delivering highly qualified leads, our customers’ sales team is more efficient, lead conversion is increased, prospects get to closure more quickly, time-to-revenue is minimized and ROI is maximized.

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