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Vantive Media researches, authors, publishes and syndicates information technology and enterprise software content in a variety of forms and distribution mediums. Our advocacy journalists and editors bundle various types of remarkable content within each technology topic and promote the offerings among a network of distribution channels.

  • Technology Web Site Portfolio. Trusted, focused and information rich Technology websites have become the go-to information sources for business and IT leaders seeking to educate themselves and develop a short list of IT solutions for purchase consideration. Vantive selectively distributes original content across its proprietary portfolio of over 100 technology focused web sites as well as many other targeted sites. IT leaders and web site readers are part of a following which visit and value helpful content disbursed among preferred web site properties.

  • Vantive Publisher Network. The Vantive Publisher Network (JPN) consists of over 150 media publishing partners and highly relevant B2B third party sites and communities which compliment and extend Vantive's network to reach additional industry destinations which serve business and IT buyers who seek to gather research, educate themselves and develop short lists of qualified supplier solutions.

  • Original Research. Vantive editors, authors and analysts deliver original and compilation research as well as license third party research. Through its online media channels, Vantive sponsors and participates in industry forums and benefits from a tremendous reach and interaction with business executives, IT leaders and technology practitioners.

  • Subscription Content. Within the enterprise software technology industry, Vantive has become known for its independent observations, balanced opinions, data driven presentations and fact-based recommendations. Several recurring Vantive publications are subscribed to in advance and attract a impressive readership of senior business executives and IT leaders.

  • Proprietary Tools. Our editors and journalists have become appreciated for delivering highly technical topics in simple to understand models which can often be flexed or manipulated for each individuals purpose and benefit. We make extensive use of visualization diagrams, relative comparison models, object-oriented dynamic representations and summarized content presentations to provide snapshots of key technology findings as well as recommendations.

  • Social Media. Vantive is an advocate of social CRM and social media strategies, tools, content and channels. The company routinely promotes and harvests user generated content from online forum communities, social networks, wikis, podcasts, videos and authoritative bloggers. Vantive also leverages in-house tools to converge and correlate data points and technology content from across social media channels in order to understand content velocity, gauge findings and summarize key points for our readers.

  • Executive Interviews. We interview some of the technology industry's most successful, interesting and provocative thought leaders in order to deliver insight and ideas that cannot be acquired elsewhere.

  • Integrated Marketing Programs. Vantive's holistic marketing programs integrate media and demand generation techniques in order to help business marketers reach targeted decision makers through our portfolio of web sites, email newsletters, webinars, social media networks and live events. IT leaders, business executives and various industry decision makers rely on our media content for independent, objective and time-saving information services that help them stay connected, make better purchase decisions and get ahead in their industries.

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