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Vantive Media website properties are positioned in subject matter clusters. Clusters support hubs of influence which promote network referrals, increased readership, crowd sourcing, added community interaction and more intuitive learning for business and IT buyers.

A high number of complimentary interactive sources deliver strong behavioral data for continuous optimization. Lead generation programs are based on years of highly examined business and IT buyer behavioral patterns demonstrated throughout each step of the procurement cycle. Supplementing our online and offline research with direct feedback and post-sales surveying creates a continuous process of learning and optimization for our brands, tools and demand generation network.

Technology Brands

Vantive is also a passionate CRM advocate and nurtures a comprehensive marketing automation application which correlates buyer behaviors and related data over extended periods. The linking of buyer behaviors over time combined with the delivery of specific content develops a trusted relationship with buyers and community participants.

Vantive brands deliver highly qualified sales prospects to high fit IT suppliers. We leverage our demand generation platform of top web site brands, over 100 technology industry web sites, original market research, licensed third party research, suite of proprietary tools, buyer focused decision matrix models and an integrated network of social media destinations and community forums to collectively promote focused content, educate IT buyers and connect technology buyers with relevant technology suppliers.

Technology Brands

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