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Vantive Media publishes technology media that helps business and IT buyers make better IT purchase decisions. We are a global technology media company that helps technology buyers, advocates proven technology solutions and helps technology suppliers gain new customers and increase revenues. Our technology focus, global reach, primary research, editorial content, syndicated coverage, web site portfolio, trusted brands and information delivery network make our company the best in the world at delivering education, research and analysis to business executives, information technology (IT) leaders and website readers looking for easy to digest, trusted and fact-based information to develop short lists of IT solutions for purchase consideration.

Vantive is unsurpassed at educating and engaging website readers and acquiring highly qualified prospect leads for technology suppliers. The company manages some of the best online brands and website properties that serve IT buyers who seek to educate themselves in an effort to efficiently and effectively develop IT solution short lists for purchase consideration.

Our unique positioning delivers several customer advantages:

  • Trusted Source. It is the relationship with our brands’ website readers which provides an unmatched buyer lead acquisition effectiveness for our customers.

  • Technology Focus. Technology media is our core competency. Our research, content and center of universe position revolve around enterprise business technology solutions. We are looked upon as thought leaders in the areas of CRM and social CRM software systems, ERP business applications, cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), social media, open source software, information security and enterprise IT strategies.

  • Valuable Content. Vantive brands publish a mix of original research, licensed third party studies from recognized analyst firms and suites of proprietary tools. Vantive Labs performs reviews and analysis in order to deliver practical, purposeful and actionable insights and recommendations. Our independent assessments achieve fact-based and objective opinions with regard to IT supplier claims and IT solutions purported value. We deliver timely, accurate and comprehensive analysis to support IT decision makers in making more informed purchase decisions.

  • Organic Leads. Unlike simplistic lead generation firms which simply procure PPC (Pay Per Click) adwords which lead to landing pages baited with low quality content and superficial calls to action – and are little more than unqualified buyer fishing expeditions – Vantive editors, analysts and journalists author original research findings and content that is credible, highly focused, syndicated and published by a variety of sources. Business and IT buyers are attracted to Vantive brands for their value in supporting and influencing IT decision making.

  • Global Reach. Our brands and demand generation network are geographically dispersed among global regions. Geographical specificity permits Vantive to acquire sales leads by region or country which can be very helpful for global IT suppliers or IT manufacturers seeking to send leads to business partners or abroad.

  • Risk Reduction. With our lead generation programs you only pay for leads which match your qualification requirements.

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Vantive Media is a global technology media firm which authors and syndicates original research, unbiased evaluations, annual Buyers Guides, thoughtful analysis and balanced opinions in the areas of CRM software, ERP software, accounting software, manufacturing software, human resource systems, open source software and IT management.


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