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Vantive Media produces technology media and focused content that helps IT buyers make better IT purchase decisions.

Information technology purchase decisions are complex and fraught with risk. Business and IT buyers seek the best independent analysis sources, useful research and tools to make more informed decisions more quickly.

Vantive’s portfolio of top software technology website brands, published primary research, licensed third party research, proprietary tools, decision matrix models and network of social media tools and online community forums collectively deliver the most relevant, comprehensive, visited and trusted IT information on the Web. Vantive satisfies IT buyers seeking objective content in areas such as:

  • Cloud Computing & Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
  • Accounting Software
  • Manufacturing and MRP Business Applications
  • Human Resource and Payroll Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Open Source Business Software
  • IT Strategy and Management
  • Information Security

Software Technology Leads-as-a-Service

Vantive operates a suite of integrated online marketing programs which match business and IT buyers with technology suppliers. Because of the company's technology industry focus, trusted media brands and best in class demand generation network, Vantive achieves an unmatched customer value proposition.

  1. Vantive delivers highly qualified sale lead opportunities pursuant to a schedule or in scale;

  2. Leads distributed to technology suppliers are familiar with the Vantive brand, engaged in software technology procurement cycles and generally receptive to Vantive referred technology suppliers;

  3. Vantive customers' lower their time to lead receipts, sales lead acquisition costs and average price per lead;

  4. In addition to lowering marketing costs while at the same time increasing the volume of qualified leads and marketing budget ROI, Vantive clients report additional benefits in the areas of brand building, third party media exposure and influencer awareness; and

  5. Vantive's customer trials and pay for performance programs provide customers' with proven results, measurable ROI and reduced risk of non-performing marketing campaigns.


Best In Class Lead Generation

Vantive Media is the best in the world at educating website readers in technology topics and acquiring qualified technology leads for technology suppliers.

With its brands, technology industry publications, website properties portfolio and media networks, Vantive achieves three unmatched customer advantages:

  1. Vantive brands are the most trusted online educational and independent analysis sources for technology buyers.

  2. Vantive’s pure technology industry focus delivers market expertise, high quality journalistic content and an engaged readership following.

  3. Vantive’s organic, targeted and highly relevant demand generation programs produce highly qualified leads without gimmicks or trickery.

Vantive Media's primary research and original content are globally syndicated across the Web and offline mediums by analysts, influencers, media and industry authorities. The company's annual Buyer’s Guides, Vendor Comparison Reviews and research driven How To Guides draw thousands of business and IT buyer advance requests for an initial distribution that is unmatched in the online media industry.



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